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 I'm often asked,where did you get the name "Y Envy"? Well it's basically asking a realistic question: Why Envy? Jealousy has ruined lives and destroyed friendships, and I'm asking why do that when God can do the same thing (or even better) for you if just be happy when he bless others.I thought it would be a great theme for a salon, being that everyone who leaves will reveal a person of their own portrait of beauty. Y Envy represents a salon system unlike any other, providing every client with an incredible service. Y Envy salon is the premier place where people come to get away from it all, and most of all to feel special. Our community is thriving with style, fashion, and the need for the total satisfaction achieving the look of class! Y Envy, offers all of your professional beauty needs. The entire staff at Y Envy strongly encourages clients not only to use our services, but simply to understand and know that you are a unique individual,nothing can replace you, believe in yourself and avoid negative people, things, and habits.